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One important reason behind the lawyers’ skepticism towards simple utilitarian calculi in emergency scenario is the problem of incommensurability. This and the next section are devoted, respectively, to a rational reconstruction of some variations of the problem of incommensurability as they have been presented in the legal literature on necessity, and to an answer to the question as to which if any of these variations may constitute a good reason against the application of a simple utilitarian reasoning to the programming of AVs.

A first problem with a simple utilitarian reading of necessity is constituted by the difficulty of making a reasonable measuring of the values of different goods at stake in an emergency scenario. Making a balance of the values of different goods may be difficult even when only material goods not human lives are at stake. According to Christie ( Jimmy choo Fox Fur PomPom Suede Pumps YzkVU
: 1000) someone’s property may not be destroyed to save one’s own property or someone else’s property, because it is often difficult to establish an objective standard for the evaluation of the value of different objects at stake; according to his example, it is impossible to establish whether it is more valuable a van Gogh’s painting or an old Bible handed down across many generations in a religious family. Moreover, there may be relevant differences in the “comparative ability of the sufferers to sustain the loss” of a similar good ( ( Gucci Bee New Ace Folded Sneakers 4R24LG
:254). One might point to similar considerations also, and arguably even more, in relation to cases when killing one person is necessary in order to kill another or more persons: given that all lives are different, their value is not measurable based on objective standards, and their loss usually affect other persons, it is impossible to establish a priori that, for instance, (any) five lives are more valuable than (any) one life.

A second problem with the simple utilitarian approach to emergency scenarios is constituted by the difficulty of assessing the weight of long-term and less visible harms caused by allowing for non-compliance to a general norm prohibiting the intentional damaging of basic interests like life, physical integrity and property. Dennis ( Bellini Nova Flat bXTvfp85K
) points to the difficulty of measuring the moral and societal harms embedded in the intentional violation of a legal norm – in terms of bad example, long-term loss of credibility of the law as well as the wrongness of acting against a public good – and to compare these with the material benefit that one particular individual may achieve through the violation of that norm on one specific occasion, for instance saving some lives. Dennis’ remark reveals, I think, a more general issue: unlike philosophical thought experiments and laypeople occasional moral judgements, the law should not only consider the desirability of the consequences of different course of actions on a single occasion, but it should also reflect on the long-term societal effects of rules and policies allowing for or even encouraging certain kinds of behaviors. It may be difficult to factor these long-term effects in a simple utilitarian calculus.

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The play-action pass requires a fake hand-off to the running back, which sucks the defense close to the line of scrimmage and can temporarily freeze defensive backs, and helps create separation for the wideouts.

What separates the action pass from the dropback is the movement of the QB to the outside. Think of the naked bootleg, which
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ran to perfection late in his career.

The Broncos would fake a stretch run to the left and get the entire defense flowing in that direction, only to have Elway peel out on the weak-side completely unprotected and throw open a receiver. That’s an action pass because the QB is moving outside. But it’s also technically play-action because of the fake hand-off.

A pure action pass would involve a ‘waggle’, where at the snap, the QB would sprint to the outside to avoid the inside rush and give himself a wide open window to throw the ball. You don’t see that a lot in the modern NFL but the Eagles used it on the Broncos last season.

Beyond a focus on the run, and the different passing concepts to control the ball, what can we expect from Musgrave’s offense? A lot of “smoke and mirrors”.

“It’s been fun to watch Billy with his shifts and motions,” Head Coach Samba FB ShoesMens Originals uPZyZVFdWn
said during OTAs. “When you play a defense like ours and it’s really a man-free, five-man rush, aggressive defense, the shifts and motions really slow you down a little bit because you have to get aligned. He’s done a great job of doing those things—shifts and motions and just smoke and mirrors—and it’s the same concept but it looks different to the defense. That’s important when you’re playing a defense with great rushers and great corners like we have.”

Great rushers and great corners are the calling cards of the AFC West, so Musgrave’s approach at disguising and creating pre-snap movement will go a long way. And don’t worry about PradaSTRATUS MESH amp; LEATHER SNEAKERS pbEpWDe2y
in Musgrave’s offense.

Keenum was reared on the WCO by Kubiak in his first couple years with the Houston Texans. It’s a scheme natural to Keenum, andhe's totally comfortable playing under center, which is also a dictate of the WCO.

“He definitely was mobile last year in Minnesota,” Musgrave said. “He's been mobile when he's played for Houston and St. Louis before. So, I think that’s great part of his game. He can stay on the move and remain a passer. He can process what he sees instantaneously. Those are good attributes to have, especially when things break down.”

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